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Roofing Lab (IAS-ILAC Accredited)

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Our IAS-ILAC accredited roofing lab combines science with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the research, testing, and investigation of roofing samples.

Through lab testing, we are able to determine if a sample’s observed characteristics are consistent with hail or some other anomaly.

The J.S. Held team of engineers, consultants, and lab technicians also conduct third-party testing for roofing manufacturers to assist in product development and performance testing.

To reach the lab, call +1 469 993 1261.

View and download our chain of custody document for lab samples.

Desaturation Analysis

Beginning with general inspection, desaturation analysis considers damage from a holistic standpoint. In reviewing the materials pre-desaturation, our team of experts can identify baseline anomalies, classify material types, and document sample conditions. We then run the sample through our vapor degreaser to remove all asphalt and surfacing to extract the sample’s structural reinforcements. The removal of both surfacing and asphalt allows for a damage assessment to take place on a more detailed level.

Impact Testing - Damage Assessments

Impact testing aids in the identification of hail impacts and determination of extent of damage. During this evaluation, samples are first attached to a test fixture that replicates actual support conditions. Samples are then impacted with ice balls, specifically created to match the hailstone sizes present at the time of the reported incident. During this stage, velocity is measured and impact energy is calculated to simulate the original weather event. The results of these tests are analyzed to scientifically determine the cause of damage.

Impact Testing - Product Assessments

Impact testing is used to determine damage thresholds, informing manufacturers of impact resistance for their roofing assemblies.

Single-Ply Membrane Analysis

Single-ply membrane analysis uses magnification and high-intensity backlighting to assess material conditions at a microscopic level.

Thermal Performance Testing

Thermal performance testing involves testing samples in a heat flow meter. This method allows for the comparison of R-values to assess whether insulation is damaged by hail in a quantitative manner. These tests are performed in accordance with the ASTM Standard C518.

Water Column Testing

Water column testing is used to analyze the migration of water through the roofing membrane over a continuous seven-day period. These tests are performed in accordance with ASTM D7281.

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