J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Our perspectives feature the viewpoints of our subject matter experts on current topics and emerging trends.

In these articles, J.S. Held experts share their latest insights, ideas, and perspectives on a variety of topics impacting businesses, society, the economy, and the environment.

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Impact of the Clean Energy Transition on Asset Retirement Obligations and Environmental Cleanup Costs
Learn about the unintended consequence of increased claims to bridge the financial gap associated with mandated retirements of carbon-based generating...
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Generative AI in eDiscovery: Now, Soon, or Never
Examining five applications of GenAI to eDiscovery and how the new technology benefits the legal review process.
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Next Stop on the AI Train: eDiscovery
How GenAI is changing eDiscovery & making it less expensive by replacing human effort with AI computing.
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A Comprehensive Look at Building Safety Regulations and Florida Milestone Inspections
Read about the events that led to Florida Chapter 2023-203, its implications for building safety, and the historical tragedies that...
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AI in Fraud Investigations, Trends in International Financial Crimes & Fraud in ESG Matters: Perspectives From Spain
We explore how AI is being applied to fraud investigations, trends in financial crimes, and how fraud is manifesting in...
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Strategies to Avoid Cyber Insurance Claim Challenges:
Part I
A common scenario we encounter is when a policyholder does not fully understand the scope and limit of their coverage...
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South Africa’s 2024 Election Outlook
South Africa holds its most significant elections since 1994.
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Weather Hazards & Insurance Claims Considerations Across the US
We discuss hazardous weather events by geography in the US, and why considering these events is important for understanding underwriting...
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Reducing Bias in Business Valuation Engagements
An overview of types of bias in business valuations. Also discussed are valuation standards and the tools experts need to...
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Ports & Terminals: Potential Claims & Other Impacts Resulting from the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse
We discuss current and potential estimates of claims related to life, infrastructure, property, and more following the Francis Scott Key...
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2024 Hurricane Season Predictions and Considerations
We discuss CSU's 2024 Atlantic hurricane season forecast and considerations when preparing for tropical cyclones.
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Consulting for State and Local Governments: Challenges When Serving the Municipal Client
Consultants for a municipality - state,, city, county, or local government - face unique challenges when performing work for this...
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Forensic Laboratory Analysis and Roof Evaluations
We discuss types of testing forensic roofing laboratories conduct to evaluate whether roofing materials are damaged and to what extent.
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