Property & Infrastructure Damage

Drone Services

Our FAA certified consultants pilot highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art drones to quickly and efficiently inspect and scope project sites.

We leverage drone technology to support clients on a variety of matters, ranging from daily inspections to rapid response following a catastrophic event.

Disaster sites are often expansive, precarious, or are in otherwise inaccessible locations. By employing drone pilots, clients experience a quick and comprehensive solution that eliminates wasted time and often reduces operating expenses.

J.S. Held has drones with infrared (IR) capability, and we also hold a nighttime drone waiver.

  • Building Collapse
  • Building Fire
  • Catastrophe Response
  • Difficult to Access Sites - Marine Docks & Stadiums
  • Golf Courses
  • Hail & Wind Damage
  • High Rise Exterior Facades
  • Large Civil Losses - Highways & Infrastructure
  • Roof Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Structural Concerns
  • Subrogation Support
  • Underwriting Assistance
Enhanced Data

Drones further our ability to capture the information needed to document a project or event, due to their unprecedented vantage points and ability to: shoot high-resolution photographs, capture real-time videos, and collect 3D scans via point clouds.

Faster Response Time

Since drones are permitted to fly almost immediately after a disastrous event, our clients benefit from a timely response, site inspection, and documentation of loss photos.

Improved Safety

Drones permit safe, reliable access to sites that present hazardous conditions, like pitched roofs, flood damage, unstable structures, or high-rise exterior facades.

Underwriting Assistance

In the event of a loss, drones can capture post-loss photos for precise analysis of the damage and comparison to the documented pre-loss condition.

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