Surety Services

Pre & Post Default Services

Our experts have the knowledge and expertise required to evaluate a surety’s exposure and provide pre-and post-default services through all phases of the project lifecycle.

Whether it is navigating through the termination of a contractor, performing an exposure analysis, reviewing bids to complete construction projects, negotiating contracts, or providing claim analysis, we have the experts and expertise to deliver the project-centric solutions our clients need.

Our Services
  • Analysis & Reporting of Surety Exposure
  • Bid Reviews
  • Construction Claims Investigations
  • Contract Status Evaluations
  • Cost to Complete Estimates
  • Default Termination Analysis
  • Document Discovery Assistance
  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support
  • Payment Bond Claims Analysis
  • Performance Bond Claim Analysis
  • Project Completion Options
  • Schedule Analysis & Delay Assessment

We believe that every successful project is the result of a comprehensive plan and successful execution. To ensure this success, we assemble project teams with relevant expertise to address the specifics of the assigned project, leveraging the best of our talent to achieve the goal. The preparation of our work product is an ever-evolving process, typically performed in phases that enables us to review the results of each completed phase and plan for future work, with our analysis of findings focused and refined as our work progresses and additional work emerges.

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