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J.S. Held construction claims experts support construction project stakeholders by assisting in the avoidance and resolution of project-related disputes.

We deliver objective and independent analyses of complex construction matters based on years of technical field experience and industry knowledge.

Claim Avoidance Services
  • Baseline Programme Preparation / Review
  • Claims Avoidance Strategy Advice / Review
  • Commercial Management
  • Contentious Variation / Change Order Review
  • Contract Management
  • Due Diligence / Value Assurance Review
  • Forensic Planning
  • Risk Register Management
Claim Preparation / Defense Services
  • Acceleration Claim Analysis
  • Claim Notice Drafting
  • Claim Rebuttal
  • Claims Team Management / Support
  • Disruption / Loss of Productivity Claim Analysis
  • Forensic Delay Claim Analysis
  • Preparation of Interim, Detailed & Final Claim Particulars
  • Quantification of Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP) & Financial Impacts
  • Quantification of Claim Damages
  • Strategic Claims Preparation / Defense Advice
  • Suspension / Termination Claim Analysis
Claim Settlement Services
  • Claim Resolution Strategies
  • Commercial Discussion Support
  • Final Account Preparation & Negotiation
  • Negotiation Support Services
  • Third-party Independent Assessment & Determinations
Change Order Analysis

Change orders frequently occur on construction projects and can heavily impact a project’s scope, schedule, and cost. We specialize in analyzing and quantifying change orders.

Contract Default & Termination

Termination of construction contracts, for default or convenience, can significantly affect a project by causing disputes, schedule delays, productivity loss, and increased cost. We specialize in analyzing root causes of construction defaults and terminations and quantifying the associated time and cost impacts.

Damage Calculations & Assessments

Schedule delays, productivity losses, and construction defects can result in construction damages and increased costs. We are well-versed in analyzing and quantifying direct and indirect cost damages flowing from issues and impacts incurred on construction projects.

Forensic Architecture & Engineering Services

Our forensic architecture and engineering experts specialize in:

  • Biomechanics & Injury Causation
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Building Envelope & Roofing
  • Building Failures & Collapse
  • Chemistry
  • Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Construction Defects
  • Geophysics & Geotechnical Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Defects
  • Seismic

Our forensic analyses address what happened, why it happened, when the incident occurred, extent of damage, repairability, and applicable code upgrade/compliance requirements.

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Productivity Loss Analysis

Labor and equipment productivity loss can occur on any construction project and negatively impact the project's stakeholders. Our experts analyze labor and equipment inefficiencies to help clients determine resulting impact on project costs and schedules.

Schedule Delay, Disruption & Acceleration

We provide expertise in analyzing schedule delay, disruption, and acceleration to identify root cause issues, allocate responsibility, and quantify time and cost impacts.


Our experts quantify the Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP) and other financial impacts associated with the delay of commercial operation of a business or asset being constructed. We have international experience in industries spanning aerospace and aviation; energy; food and beverage; healthcare; industrial and manufacturing; retail, restaurant, and hospitality; and transportation infrastructure, among others.

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