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J.S. Held's roof consultants are renowned for their knowledge and experience evaluating residential, commercial, and industrial roof systems and related components.

In addition to our roofing assessments, our team of engineers, registered roofing consultants, and career roofing professionals provide expert witness testimony and litigation support.

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Our Services
  • Cost Estimates for Repair & Replacement
  • Documentation of Work Progress & Site Observations
  • Evaluation of Roofing Issues Resulting from Improper Installation, Construction Defect Issues, or Manufacturing Deficiencies
  • Forensic Analysis of Roof Failure Resultant of Hail, Wind, Snow, Ice, Rain, Storm Surge, Flooding, Lightning, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Fires, & Hurricanes
  • Forensic Meteorology
  • Invoice Review
  • Moisture Testing to Determine the Presence of Moisture Within Roof System - Capacitance – Tramex; Gravimetric Analysis; Infrared Thermography (IR)
  • Roof Damage Assessments
  • Weather Analysis & Research Services
  • Wind Uplift Testing - Bonded Plate Testing, Negative Pressure Chamber Testing, Tensile Resistance of Roofing Materials
  • Age-Related Wear & Tear
  • Construction Defect
  • Installation or Manufacturing Deficiency
  • Weather Event

Our laboratory tests enhance the investigation and research of roofing samples through:

  • Desaturation Analysis
  • Impact Testing
  • Single-ply Membrane Analysis
  • Thermal Performance Testing
  • Water Column Testing

To learn more about the testing capabilities of our roofing lab, click here.

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