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White Papers & Research Reports

J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Our white papers and research reports share fact-based findings that address complex industry topics.

In these publications, we examine critical issues, regulatory requirements, industry trends, and technical topics through in-depth analysis, research, case studies, and more.

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  • Crosscurrents: ESG & Sustainability
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2024 Cannabis Industry Report
In the 2024 Cannabis Industry Report, experts with J.S. Held and Ocean Tomo, a part of J.S. Held, examine the...
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Accuracy of Rectifying Oblique Images to Planar and Non-Planar Surfaces
This study evaluates the precision of the photo rectification process under diverse roadway geometry conditions and varying camera incidence angles.
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Video and Object Tracking for Speed Determination Using Aerial LiDAR
We present a methodology for creating a three-dimensional environment and performing video tracking analysis without a site visit.
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Accuracy of 2016-2022 EDRs in IIHS Crash Tests
We evaluate the accuracy of speed data and primarily delta- Vx in frontal offset Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)...
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GHG Verification: Why It Matters and How It Works
In partnership with Optera, we examine the GHG verification process to help build a transparent, accurate, and successful corporate sustainability...
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2024 Semiconductor Industry Report
We examine the demand drivers, technological innovation, material science advancements, and geopolitical risks impacting semiconductor industry stakeholders.
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2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry Report
Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make groundbreaking advances, with more companies and organizations investing substantial research and development into this...
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Validation of MoTeC Data Acquisition System
Technology is ever advancing in the world around us, and it is no different when it comes to data acquisition...
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2023 Cannabis Industry Report
The cannabis industry continues to expand in 2023, aided by legislative victories and increasingly positive consumer sentiment. However, the industry...
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2023 Nuclear Energy Industry Report
Significant scientific and technical advances impact the nuclear energy industry, resulting in numerous challenges involving intellectual property (IP) management, licensing...
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2023 Cybersecurity Industry Report
Information is now one of the world’s most valuable intangible assets while concurrently occupying the position as one of the...
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A Naturalistic Study of Vehicle Acceleration and Deceleration at an Intersection
Approaching an intersection and braking to a stop, as well as accelerating from a stop, is a common occurrence in...
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A Comparison of Mobile LiDAR Capture and Established Ground-Based 3D Scanning Methodologies
Ground-based Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) using FARO Focus 3D scanners (and other brands of scanners) are repeatedly shown to...
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