J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Our perspectives feature the viewpoints of our subject matter experts on current topics and emerging trends.

In these articles, J.S. Held experts share their latest insights, ideas, and perspectives on a variety of topics impacting businesses, society, the economy, and the environment.

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Elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo
The Democratic Republic of Congo holds its elections on 20 December. Here, we discuss key election considerations and their implications...
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Middle Market Builder’s Risk: A Recipe for Success
In this paper, we share the secret recipe for successfully managing middle market builder’s risk claims. The following is intended...
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Project Monitoring: The “Eyes & Ears” of Construction
Learn about the significance of project monitors in the construction industry. Understand their role, daily tasks, and impact on ensuring...
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Solar Farm Hail Damage: The Perfect Storm
Hail the size of golf balls, softballs, and even grapefruit has always made weather news. Each spring and early summer...
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The Financial Toll of Unforeseen Weather Events
How meteorology consultants help evaluate the risk of future severe weather events and work with forensic accountants to ensure that...
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COP28: The Role of GCC States in Africa's Fight Against Climate Change
COP28, the UN’s flagship annual climate change conference, recently began. This article explains why the importance of this conference has...
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Podcast: Counsel That Cares: Data Privacy and Tracking Technology Compliance
Hear about the latest issues surrounding data privacy and tracking technology in the healthcare industry and the resulting litigation that...
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Navigating M&A Post Closing Disputes: Insights into Strategic Acquisitions
Learn about the intricacies of post-closing disputes in strategic acquisitions. Dive into the roles of pre-deal diligence, working capital considerations...
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Strategic Management of Builder’s Risk Claims in Infrastructure Projects: A Comprehensive Guide
Read real-life builder's risk claim case studies, uncover the pivotal roles of key players, & gain insights into risk management...
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Inside the Healthcare Industry: Understanding Emerging Data Privacy & Security Risks and Regulations
In this Q&A conversation, Healthcare expert Magi Curtis, and Digital Investigations & Discovery experts George Platsis and Antonio Rega, discuss...
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When Recovering Against a Sovereign, Know Your Opponent
Learn why it is important to take a two-pronged approach in sovereign asset recovery: Conducting the asset tracing work, plus...
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Expert Analysis and Commentary: Israel / Hamas Conflict
Our experts provide commentary and analysis on the October 2023 attack by Hamas on Israel, and how recent events will...
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Valuing Out of Sight Inventory Losses
This article discusses several approaches that can be utilized to estimate the quantities and valuation of inventory losses when physical...
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