Christopher Wilkens, PE

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Christopher Wilkens

Senior Vice President


+1 913 444 6264 (Office)
+1 913 375 5634 (Mobile)
13200 Metcalf Ave, Suite 265
Overland Park, KS 66213

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Chris Wilkens’ background encompasses civil/structural engineering and building envelope systems. With twenty-three years in the engineering industry, his experience comprises structural design for new construction and addition/renovation projects, forensic analysis of design, construction, or performance failures, and damage to structural and building envelope systems.

In the forensic engineering arena, Mr. Wilkens has overseen and conducted evaluations involving damage and/or performance issues to residential, multi-family, and commercial-use buildings and other structures such as agricultural buildings, docks/marinas, silos, tanks, towers, and billboards. Structural damage evaluations have included but are not limited to construction collapse, vehicle impact damage, fire and explosion damage, construction vibrations, moisture intrusion, and environmental loading from snow, ice, wind, seismic, and storm surge/flooding forces. Building envelope evaluations have included but are not limited to matters involving performance failures or damage from design or construction defects and exposure to wind, hail, or other environmental conditions. Mr. Wilkens has given expert witness testimony supporting arbitration and litigation proceedings.

In the structural design arena, Mr. Wilkens has overseen and conducted structural design and coordination with other design and construction disciplines for low- to mid-rise structures in mountain resort development, such as lodge/hotel buildings, mixed-use retail and condominium buildings, multi-family residential buildings, and single-family custom residences. Structural design projects have utilized a variety of construction materials, including structural steel, cold-formed steel, cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, reinforced concrete masonry, log and heavy timber, engineered wood, sawn lumber, and structural insulated panels.

Professional Registration:

  • 32707 / AL [State of Alabama Engineering License]
  • 15129 / AR [State of Arkansas Engineering License]
  • PE.0037738 / CO [State of Colorado Engineering License]
  • P22353 / IA [State of Iowa Engineering License]
  • PE21632 / KS [State of Kansas Engineering License]
  • 29236 / KY [State of Kentucky Engineering License]
  • 49747 / MN [State of Minnesota Engineering License]
  • 2011026226 / MO [State of Missouri Engineering License]
  • PEL-PE-LIC-19989 / MT [State of Montana Engineering License]
  • E-13705 / NE [State of Nebraska Engineering License]
  • 20320 / NM [State of New Mexico Engineering License] (Past license - inactive)
  • PE.77638 / OH [State of Ohio Engineering License]
  • 25701 / OK [State of Oklahoma Engineering License]
  • 29740 / SC [State of South Carolina Engineering License]
  • 10457 / SD [State of South Dakota Engineering License]
  • 108070 / TX [State of Texas Engineering License]
  • 43205-6 / WI [State of Wisconsin Engineering License]
  • PE12911 / WY [State of Wyoming Engineering License]
  • Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (M.ASCE)