J.S. Held Consulting Experts Recognized by Who’s Who Legal (WWL)

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December 7, 2023
Industry Recognition
Industry Recognition

J.S. Held consulting experts in Construction, Financial Advisory & Valuation, Digital & Data, Forensic Accounting, and Asset Recovery recognized by WWL.


Jericho, N.Y. – December 7, 2023 Global consulting firm J.S. Held proudly announces the recognition of consulting experts in Construction, Financial Advisory & Valuation, Digital & Data, Forensic Accounting, and Asset Recovery by Who’s Who Legal (WWL). WWL annually identifies the foremost legal practitioners and consulting experts in business law, based upon comprehensive, independent research.

Consulting Experts – Quantum, Delay & Technical 2023 & Construction Expert Witness

J.S. Held experts in construction consulting have been recognized as industry thought leaders and future leaders, professionals who are eminent quantum, delay, and technical experts with unparalleled expertise into quantifying costs and damages. These experts are recognized for their profound knowledge and expertise in handling complex construction challenges and offering objective insights. Our construction experts include engineers, general contractors, construction management professionals, accountants, estimators, code experts, analysts, and cost analysts who serve as trusted advisors, providing a diverse portfolio of expertise that helps clients navigate complex matters across a wide range of industries and geographies. Our construction and engineering team of over 400 professionals leverages decades of technical knowledge and field experience to assist on projects at all levels and phases. From project inception to execution, every successful project results from a comprehensive plan and consistent support. We provide a full suite of advisory, dispute resolution, and expert testimony services, including project management, scheduling, estimating, delay and disruption analysis, and cost damage quantification across a broad range of court and arbitration venues. Our team develops industry-leading reports at site-specific locations with stringent methodologies for litigation purposes.

Consulting Experts – Financial Advisory & Valuation – Quantum of Damages 2023

J.S. Held’s consulting expertise is further strengthened by our financial expertise across all assets and economic value at risk. As experts in construction dispute resolution, we leverage our understanding of the construction industry to avoid and, when necessary, identify, assess, and resolve construction claims and disputes that may arise. Our expertise recognized by WWL in Financial Advisory & Valuation – Quantum of Damages points to a unique intersection of our experts’ combined financial, technical, scientific, and strategic expertise that supports clients across sectors, markets, and industries around the globe navigating complex, contentious, and often catastrophic situations.

Consulting Experts – Forensic Accountants 2023

WWL recognizes J.S. Held consultants' “vast accounting expertise in complex investigations.” Our forensic accounting and economic experts are Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified in Financial Forensics experts, and other financial experts specializing in financial investigations, dispute resolution, and regulatory compliance. Our experts are regularly called upon for their knowledge of evolving accounting and auditing standards to provide financial reporting guidance and litigation support. We have served as experts in numerous highly publicized accounting and financial reporting controversies, including allegations of fraudulent financial reporting, auditor malpractice, and evaluations of internal controls.

Consulting Experts – Digital & Data – Digital Forensic Experts 2023

WWL Digital & Data – Digital Forensic Experts “stand out as the top figures in the market for digital forensic investigations and analyses”. We are proud to be recognized among this elite group of experts in digital and data investigations. J.S. Held’s Electronic Discovery & Digital Forensics team preserves and investigates data, provides forensic analysis, hosted document review, data analytics, and information governance consulting. The team designs and implements practical and sustainable solutions that address the challenges associated with the constant evolution of the eDiscovery and forensic technology landscape.

Consulting Experts – Asset Recovery Experts 2023

J.S. Held consulting experts have also been recognized for Asset Tracing, Search, and Recovery. Our experts are recognized leaders in global asset tracing investigations and recovery. Our team delivers actionable intelligence to support recoveries in large-scale litigation and arbitration claims, judgments, and awards acting for corporations, banks, law firms, hedge funds, and litigation funders. Targeting high-value assets and those that may cause disruption, we work with counsel both pre-litigation and post-judgement and award to help assess and recover assets.

The WWL recognition of our expertise across five consulting disciplines that support clients seeking to realize value and mitigate risk demonstrates the unique combination of technical, scientific, financial, and strategic expertise expected of trusted advisors, supporting high stakes matters.

Read more about what peers and clients had to say about the expertise provided by our consulting experts below:

  • Thought Leader Enrique Abiega “impresses market commentators with his ‘versatility and strong knowledge in construction sequencing and delay analysis.’"

  • Faye Allen is a construction standout “in the international marketplace as ‘a pragmatic and experienced expert who is a pleasure to work with.”

  • Gary Blackburn is known as a “seasoned construction expert who regularly assists his clients in high value quantum, delay, and technical matters."

  • Jean Chow-Callam has “a fantastic reputation in the market as a top forensic accountant who is ‘particularly great at China-focused engagements.’”

  • Ranked among Construction Thought Leaders, Mark Cohen is regarded as “a top name in the market, [and is] recommended as a deeply experienced expert who is ‘always thorough and complete in his preparations.’”

  • Lee Cookson is “widely admired in the construction market for his ‘ability to cut through large amounts of data and identify the key issues.’”

  • Recognized as a Construction Future Leader, Jose Fouz possesses “the capacity to deal with large amounts of quantum data."

  • Construction Thought Leader Rodrigo Hernández “delivers a critical and reflective gaze on the different issues and is very creative in his technical analysis."

  • Gary Kitt is ranked as a Construction Thought Leader, who is “celebrated for his first-class construction practice, providing valuation of delay and disruption analysis in projects in the oil and gas, shipbuilding, and infrastructure industries, among others."

  • Global Elite Thought Leader in Construction, John Lancaster is “widely renowned as ‘an excellent and strong delay expert with a great reputation in the market.’”

  • Future Leader Kevin McIver is recognized as “a leading [construction] delay and damages expert with extensive experience providing evidence in arbitration and litigation proceedings.”

  • Ashley Messick is an Asset Recovery Expert who is known as “a top expert who goes above and beyond the call of duty for clients."

  • Thought Leader Daniel Miles is “a market-leading practitioner who excels in high-value construction disputes.”

  • Ranked as a Construction Thought Leader, Mark Mills “possesses over 20 years' experience providing technical and valuation advice in high-value disputes in the construction industry, earning him endorsements as ‘a very knowledgeable quantum expert.’"

  • Sebastian Neave is a distinguished UK-based Asset Recovery Expert who “earns tributes for his “sharp mind and ability to stay very calm under pressure.’”

  • Roger Nutland is “a prominent name in the [construction] market who is appreciated by clients for being “very user-friendly and easy to deal with.’”

  • Peter Pender-Cudlip is known as “a seasoned asset recovery expert who wins praise for his “pragmatic and sensible strategies to locate assets.’”

  • Digital Forensics Expert Antonio Rega leverages “over 20 years of experience leading technology-related matters, including digital forensics investigations, information governance, and data privacy.”

  • Construction Future Leader Gilberto Regal “has great technical knowledge in the field of planning and delay analysis.”

  • David Richards is “a top name in the [construction] industry, with peers and clients praising his “wide experience in disruption analysis, understanding of the technical details and independence.’”

  • Joseph Stewart is recognized as a Future Leader and is “a favourite among clients thanks to his deep expertise in the valuation of damages in complex construction cases.”

  • Construction Expert Declan Tonge’s peers and clients say that he “demonstrates strong knowledge and understanding of contractual issues, which make him an exceptional delay expert.”

  • Karyl Van Tassel has a proven track record of working with clients to deliver high-value solutions to their most complex litigation, investigatory, and financial challenges.

  • Asset Recovery Expert Bruno Vickers “is resourceful and strategic in assisting with asset recovery and enforcement matters.”

  • Alan Whaley “stands out in the international [construction] marketplace as ‘an absolutely exceptional expert’ who is recognised as ‘a leader in the market.’”

  • Based in Singapore, Matthew Wills is known as “an accomplished expert who is lauded for his ‘impressive attention to detail and understanding of complex matters.’”

  • Wiley Wright is recognized for his expertise in both Construction and Financial Advisory & Valuation, and “is a distinguished figure in the market who wins recognition for his ‘high-quality work’ when measuring damages.”

About J.S. Held

J.S. Held is a global consulting firm that combines technical, scientific, financial, and strategic expertise to advise clients seeking to realize value and mitigate risk. Our professionals serve as trusted advisors to organizations facing high stakes matters demanding urgent attention, staunch integrity, proven experience, clear-cut analysis, and an understanding of both tangible and intangible assets.

The firm provides a comprehensive suite of services, products, and data that enable clients to navigate complex, contentious, and often catastrophic situations.

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