Daniel Schreiber

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Mr. Dan Schreiber is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with over 10 years of experience in military, aviation, and severe weather operations. Mr. Schreiber has provided consulting and expert services for both plaintiff and defense law firms, as well as insurance adjusters, appraisers, umpires, and policyholders throughout North America. He has been consulted and/or retained as an expert in over 850 matters and has testified in both depositions and during trials in state and federal courts. He regularly plays an integral role in multi-million-dollar insurance disputes and injury/wrongful death lawsuits from coast to coast. Before joining J.S. Held, Dan was a highly successful meteorology business owner.

Mr. Schreiber is frequently consulted by other meteorologists for his working knowledge of the latest studies and methodologies within the meteorological industry. Dan is considered an expert regarding severe weather and is often consulted by media and government officials because of his ability to effectively communicate time-sensitive, complex weather in an easy-to-understand manner.

Mr. Schreiber is the Vice President of Meteorology at J.S. Held. He has extensive involvement in numerous major loss assignments, aviation mishaps, and personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits throughout North America.

Mr. Schreiber was a contributor to J.S. Held's 2024 Global Risk Report.

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Key Expertise

  • Aviation Weather & Operations
  • Emergency Management Weather
  • Weather Warnings
  • Radar & Satellite Interpretation
  • Severe Weather
    • Hail
    • Wind
    • Hurricanes/Tropical Cyclones
    • Flooding/Rainfall
    • Extreme Temperatures

Professional Affiliations/Memberships/Licenses

  • American Meteorological Society (Certified Consulting Meteorologist #746)
  • Association of Certified Meteorologists

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