Erin Roberts, PE, CFM

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Erin Roberts is a highly motivated individual who’s fixated on fostering her professional growth and development, while establishing a more focused and proactive knowledge base in Forensic Structural Engineering. Erin has over five years of experience in the industry and has managed and completed projects in excess of 300 million dollars. She established her career in working for several engineering and design companies where she encompassed many roles. These roles included, but were not limited to, engineering design, inspection of new and existing buildings, structural damage assessments, business development, pre-construction, construction administration, and project management.

Erin is a senior-level structural engineer who performs damage assessments, failure analysis, and cause-and-origin analysis for a variety of issues relating to the built environment, including post-catastrophe damage and design, construction, or performance issues. Mrs. Roberts has specialized training in post-hurricane wind versus water assessments, flood damage assessments, post-tornado assessments, and roof damage assessments of commercial and residential roof systems encompassing all roofing types. Additionally, Mrs. Roberts is a member of J.S. Held’s building code team, with whom she works on assignments related to building code interpretations, required building code upgrades, code-driven substantial structural damage assessments, FEMA floodplain building requirements, property maintenance requirements, and premise liability. In addition to her professional engineering designation, Mrs. Roberts is a certified floodplain manager and has specialized knowledge in floodplains, flood code and building requirements, and grading and drainage.

Professional Registration:

  • PE 38756 / AL [State of Alabama Engineering License]
  • PE 19831 / AR State of Arkansas Engineering License
  • PE87116 / FL [State of Florida Engineering License]
  • PE 044414 / GA [State of Georgia Engineering License]
  • PE 12000022 / IN [State of Indiana Engineering License]
  • PE 27473 / KS [State of Kansas Engineering License]
  • PE 35732 / KY [State of Kentucky Engineering License]
  • PE 43977 / LA [State of Louisiana Engineering License]
  • PE 61500 / MD [State of Maryland Engineering License]
  • PE 30407/ MS [State of Mississippi Engineering License]
  • PE 2019032110 / MO [State of Missouri Engineering License]
  • PE E-17567 / NE [State of Nebraska Engineering License]
  • PE 027343/ NV [State of Nevada Engineering License]
  • PE 049378 / NC [State of North Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE 31556 / OK [State of Oklahoma Engineering License]
  • PE 36430 / SC [State of South Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE 123098 / TN [State of Tennessee Engineering License]
  • PE 133872 / TX [State of Texas Engineering License]
  • PE 46955-6 / WI [State of Wisconsin Engineering License]
  • ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager
  • NCEES 14-220-82 National Engineering Registration

Insights by Erin Roberts

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