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Asset Search, Tracing & Recovery

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Our investigative experts are recognized leaders in global asset tracing investigations and recovery.

We deliver actionable intelligence to support recoveries in large-scale litigation and arbitration claims, judgements, and awards acting for corporations, banks, law firms, hedge funds, and litigation funders. We target high-value assets and those which may cause disruption, and work with counsel both pre-litigation and post-judgment and award to help assess and recover assets.

Our Services
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Corruption, Fraudulent Transfer & Asset Misappropriation Scheme Investigations
  • Data Analytics to Assist in the Identification of Fund Flows, Patterns & Relationships
  • Data Forensics & Electronic Discovery
  • Discreet On-the-Ground Investigations
  • Evidence Gathering to Support Legal Applications and Asset Freezing Orders
  • Evidencing Asset Dissipation & Obfuscation
  • Forensic Accounting of Financial Statements & Other Business Records
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Global Asset Tracing & Identification
  • Mapping Complex Corporate, Nominee, or Trust Structures Obscuring Assets
Our Experts Are Engaged in Matters Involving
  • Enforcement of Sovereign & Commercial Arbitral Awards & Legal Judgments
  • Establishing & Evidencing Asset Dissipation & Obfuscation
  • Foreign Corruption
  • Fraud & Embezzlement
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Kickbacks & Misappropriation of Funds
  • Money Laundering
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Pre-Litigation / Arbitration Asset Assessments
  • Subrogated Recoveries
Asset Tracing, Search & Recovery Expertise

Our asset recovery and enforcement team is engaged by some of the world’s leading law firms and their clients to investigate the assets of sovereigns, companies, and individuals. We provide:

  • Expertise in identifying and evidencing assets worldwide to support settlement negotiations, freezing injunctions, and other recovery efforts.
  • Strategic and creative approach to asset recovery, targeting both high value assets as well as those that may cause disruption or loss of face.
  • Proportionate pre-litigation assessments of asset availability and ease of enforcement to support strategy development and — in the case of third-party funders — investment decisions.
  • Targeting of specific asset classes including real estate, shareholdings, cash and investments, cargoes, aircraft, vessels, trade receivables, IPR, retention monies, looter funds and cryptocurrency.
  • Work product, affidavits, and witness testimony that are often submitted in support of recovery initiatives around the world.
Investigative Research & Human Intelligence

Our experts draw asset information from multiple sources including the full spectrum of publicly available information comprising media, internet, and social media; corporate registries; property records; tax and litigation filings; banking disclosures; regulatory filings; credit filings; customs data; aircraft and vessel tracking and ownership databases; company prospectuses; and information in proprietary and subscription databases.

Given the limitations and fragmented nature of the public record in many countries, our experts go beyond online resources, by ethically obtaining and leveraging information available on the ground on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.

We utilize human sources to fill information gaps, corroborate data, and generate new leads. Along with a vast global network of discreet sources, we have extensive experience in identifying and approaching specific sources that have direct knowledge of the assets of a sovereign, company, or individual.

We apply the highest ethical standards, whilst ensuring evidence will withstand scrutiny by courts or tribunals. Our work product has been used in support of International Criminal Court (ICC), International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Supreme Court of Canada (SCC), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and various commercial court claims around the globe, including providing underlying evidence, affidavits, and expert witness testimony.

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