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Our digital forensics team helps clients to preserve and uncover evidence of user activity left behind on computers and digital devices.

Our approach is underscored by maintaining a defensible and forensically sound process throughout the lifecycle of each digital forensic engagement.

We are retained to conduct forensic investigations of digital assets, systematically uncovering the trail of activity left behind by a person of interest. We are involved in all aspects of digital forensic investigations from initial scoping and identification of data sources through system evaluation, data preservation, causation analysis, remediation, recovery, and litigation. We deliver specialized digital forensics expertise in forensic imaging and analysis, maintain chain of custody records and documentation, and provide detailed forensic examination reporting and streamlined workflows for investigations, compliance, and litigation needs.

Our Services
  • Complex Investigations
  • Court-Appointed Neutral
  • Data Recovery
  • Discovery Dispute Resolution
  • Establishing Replacement Cost Values, Repair Values & Actual Cash Values
  • Expert & 30(b)(6) Testimony & Playbook
  • Forensic Data Analysis
  • Forensic Imaging & Data Preservation – On Site, Self Service, and Remote
  • Identification, Preservation, and Collection of ESI
  • IP/Trade Secret Misappropriation & Data Exfiltration Analysis
  • Litigation Support & Related Advisory
  • Need to Notify Investigations
  • Remediation & Defensible Disposition
Our Subject Matter Experts
  • Digital Forensics Experts
  • Data Analytics Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Forensic Technology Experts
  • Former Prosecutors & Government Agents
  • Risk & Compliance Professionals
Our Digital Forensics Expertise

We provide guidance and advice to our clients to identify and preserve critical ESI for the individuals, data sources, and pertinent timeframes of the electronic data being preserved and analyzed. Data sources we encounter include corporate file shares, cloud-based platforms, social media, chat collaboration applications, mobile devices, structured database systems, and other non-standard platforms.

We are qualified expert witnesses and have extensive experience providing expert testimony in various jurisdictions worldwide. Beyond providing collected data for legal review, the digital forensics team can analyze data points at the source to determine user access and behavior in support of an investigation. Our depth of experience includes proactive consulting and advisory services in support of litigation, investigations, or as part of internal corporate policy development, as well as prompt deployment of collection and analysis expertise in reactive and crisis scenarios requiring immediate response.

Our Digital Forensics Services

Identification & Mapping of Digital Data

Our experts help clients document their IT infrastructure to understand where the digital information resides, how it translates to the business operation, how it is secured, and how to effectively preserve that digital information.

Preservation & Forensic Collection of Disparate Data Sources & Systems

Our professionals are adept at preserving and collecting electronic data from diverse sources, including computers, servers, external media, cell phones, cloud-based repositories, collaborative suites, chat messaging apps, and more. As new technologies emerge, our team adapts and becomes capable of capturing these data sources.

Remote Data Collection

With many people working remotely, it is challenging and cost-prohibitive to travel to distant and different locations to preserve and collect data. Our digital forensics team can send a remote collection kit to each location to perform the preservation of data remotely. Our collection spans all data sources including emails, PDFs, chats, hard copies, media files, and document productions, among others. We execute the preservation of the ESI in a forensically sound manner to ensure it can be relied upon in a legal scenario.

Our data collection efforts include:

  • Chat Messaging Apps – Teams, Whatsapp, Messenger
  • Cloud-Based Repositories - Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box
  • Computers, Servers & External Media
  • Online Email & Collaboration Suites – Office 365, Slack, Google Suite, AWS, Azure, Yahoo!
  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • Website & Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Analyzing Digital Evidence, Artifacts, Metadata, Documents & Emails

Our team delivers specialized expertise in investigations requiring sophisticated, in-depth examination of data. We have years of experience and a breadth of knowledge to identify key information necessary for our client’s success.

Recovery of Deleted Digital Information

In cases where files were purposely or inadvertently deleted, our digital forensics team can interrogate multiple data sources to identify and recover the deleted files.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Whether an investigation involves trade secret misappropriation or a government inquiry response to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), our digital forensics professionals have significant experience efficiently handling numerous requests. We leverage multiple tools and techniques to assist in preserving and collecting modern-day technology, analyzing data, remediating information, and recovering data that was otherwise removed. Digital forensic investigative services include:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Data Breach Investigation
    • Business Email Compromise
    • Ransomware
    • Wire Fraud / Payroll Fraud
    • Corporate Hacking Investigations
    • Cybercrime Investigations
  • Digital Assets & Related Cryptocurrency Investigations
    • Digital Asset Tracing & Smart Contract Code Review
    • Recovery of Crypto Wallets, Seed Phrases & Other Related Artifacts
  • Need to Notify Investigations
    • Accessed and/or Exfiltrated Files
    • Personal Health Information (PHI)
    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Off-Channel Communications
    • Mobile Device Policies
  • System Evaluation / Causation Investigations
    • Correlate Findings from Hardware Investigation with a Digital Investigation
  • Third Party Neutral Engagements
  • Workplace Misconduct Investigations
    • Breach of Computer Usage Policy
    • Creation of Fraudulent Documents
    • Intellectual Property Theft / Misappropriation
    • Purposefully or Accidentally Exfiltrated Data
    • Unauthorized Access of Confidential Files
Digital Forensics Laboratory

From our Digital Forensics Labs located in New York, NY, Jericho, NY, and London, UK, we assess computers, mobile devices, servers, cloud infrastructure (IAAS, SAAS, etc.), and other computing assets that produce digital data.

Our lab services include on and off-site data collection, data preservation, and forensic analysis to determine root cause, the timeframe of actions, the scope of the event, and the impact of an event.

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