Forensic Accounting

Marine & Cargo Damages

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Our specialized expertise in marine and cargo damages includes stock throughput, business interruption, extra expense, subrogation, insurance disputes, as well as many other issues of both common and unique natures.

We have been hired to conduct numerous investigations across disparate industries because of our in-depth understanding of the delays, disruptions, logistical challenges, and risks that are central to the global marine supply chain.

Our Services
  • Analysis of Extra Expenses Related to Tank Ullage, Capacity Issues, or Ports
  • Analysis of Records in Relation to Cargo
  • Business Interruption & Extra Expense Claims
  • Contingent Business Interruption & Delay Analysis
  • Expert Testimony & Litigation Support
  • Market Valuation of Agriculture Commodities Costs
  • Quantum of Cargo / Stock Throughput / Stock Loss
  • Subrogation
  • Time Element Impact on Repair & Rework to Insured Property for Hull & Marine Liability
Our Experts Are Engaged in Matters Involving
  • Consequential Losses in Marine Peril
  • Damages Caused to a Vessel in Transit
  • Financial Impacts at Ports / Terminals / Shipyards
  • Loss of Goods in Supply Chain – Inventory & Manufacturing on a Stock Throughput Form
  • Losses to Shipping-Related Businesses Due to Physical Loss or Damage to Third Parties
  • Missing Goods
  • Physical Loss or Damage to Goods in Transit & Storage
  • Theft of Cargo
Open Cargo Stock Throughput

Our forensic accountants help to quantify goods that were lost or damaged at any point in the supply chain between production and final delivery.

We offer expertise in static losses, damage or losses to cargo in transit, cargo damaged on the water, and claims of theft, missing goods, or unknown disappearance.

Our experts create detailed schedules and databases which identify the quantity of goods lost and the associated purchase costs, selling prices, taxes, etc., allowing our team to determine the quantum of damaged goods. We also help to measure additional costs incurred in marine and cargo claims, including business interruption, extra expense, and contingent business interruption.

Theft, Missing Goods, or Unknown Disappearance

Our forensic accountants analyze inventory purchases, sales, shipping records, pre- and post-loss physical counts, and other available data to quantify the amount of goods that are missing and/or may have been stolen.

Our team is retained to augment an insurance adjuster’s investigation into claims of theft by facilitating the gathering of necessary financial data and analyzing the records to simplify and summarize results.

Contingent Business Interruption & Delay Analysis

Our forensic accountants evaluate business interruption losses caused by the delay in the shipment of goods. Our team measures the lost sales of delayed goods; provides an analysis of anticipated net sales to be earned at retail locations, as opposed to net sales earned online and/or through wholesalers; and conducts a review to determine whether specific goods are deemed to be seasonal.

Repair & Rework to Insured Property

Our forensic accountants calculate damages due to inefficiencies and delays caused by damage to insured property in the supply chain. After the period of restoration is determined, our experts quantify the additional repair costs incurred during that period and evaluate the additional in-house labor required to work around the damage and attempt to meet contracted delivery dates.

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