Toby Terpstra, AAS

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Toby Terpstra joined J.S. Held in July of 2021 as part of J.S. Held's acquisition of Kineticorp. Mr. Terpstra has focused his professional practice and research on computer visualization. Since 2005, Toby has acted as the Senior Animator at Kineticorp, now a part of J.S. Held. He specializes in 3D analysis, site reconstruction, photogrammetry, video analysis, visibility, interactive media, and 3D visualization. He is currently the lead instructor of an ACTAR-accredited course offered by the Society of Automotive Engineers titled “Photogrammetry and Analysis of Digital Media”. Mr. Terpstra has also taught and conducted research on topics such as onsite photogrammetry, photoscanning, video analysis, videogrammetry, lens distortion, LiDAR, body-worn cameras, trajectory rod documentation, acoustics, and 3D visualization.

As a Principal Forensic Animator at J.S. Held, Mr. Terpstra assists in the training and teaching of visualization staff, managing staff and company projects, developing, and directing the technology related to accident reconstruction, forensics, photogrammetry, computer modeling, and visualization.

Professional Affiliations:

  • SAE member 2011 (Society of Automotive Engineers)
  • ASPRS member 2014 (American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing)
  • IAFSM member 2015 (International Association for Forensic & Security Metrology)
  • ACSR member 2020 (Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction)
  • AFI member 2020 (Association of Force Investigators)
  • AFTE technical advisor 2020 (The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners)
  • Forensic Video Technician (LEVA), Kansas City Regional Police Academy, May 2019
  • Remote Pilot, Small Unmanned Aircraft System Rating, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), February 2018
  • Human Participant-based Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research, April 2016

Insights by Toby Terpstra

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