Shady Attalla, P.Eng. CFEI

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Shady Attalla

Vice President | Accident Reconstruction - Canada


+1 647 558 3867 (Office)
2 - 886 Winston Churchill Blvd.
Oakville, ON L6J 7X5

Shady Attalla joined J.S. Held in July of 2022 as part of J.S. Held's acquisition of Kodsi Forensic Engineering.

Shady Attalla, P.Eng., holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science) from McMaster University and is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario. He has been an active member of the accident reconstruction industry since 2008. Mr. Attalla has been involved in more than 1200 technical investigations and has been the lead engineer in more than 700 technical investigations involving automobiles, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, and mechanical failures. His specialty areas are driver and pedestrian behaviour, damage consistency analysis, and investigations of material failures. Mr. Attalla is a published author and has qualified to provide expert evidence in the Ontario Court of Justice. Shady’s personal interests include playing and watching soccer, UFC, and gardening.

Key Expertise

  • Human Factors & Driver Behavior
  • Suspected Fraudulent Collisions
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Collision Speed & Severity Analysis
  • Crash Data Retrieval & Analysis
  • Vehicle Infotainment Data Retrieval & Interpretation
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Vehicle Mechanical Fitness
  • Fire Origin & Cause

Insights by Shady Attalla

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