Joseph Pauszek, Ph.D.

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Dr. Joseph Pauszek, Ph.D. is a Managing Scientist of Human Factors at J.S. Held. He has over a decade of experience conducting research in academia and industry on various topics, including visual attention and distraction, cognitive workload and mental effort, stress, working memory, rational decision-making, perception, information processing, and the user experience, safety, and effectiveness of both consumer products and medical devices. He also has extensive experience utilizing physiological measures, such as pupillometry via eye tracking, to shed light on the underlying cognitive states of individuals in real-time. Over the past several years, Dr. Pauszek has cultivated specialized experience in healthcare research, and in the evaluation of medical devices that range in complexity from autoinjectors to robotic surgery systems. This proficiency spans all stages of the medical device lifecycle, from early-stage formative research to formal human factors engineering and usability engineering (HFE/UE) submissions to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Dr. Pauszek is operating out of J.S. Held’s state-of-the-art scientific User Research Labs (URL) at the Phoenix, AZ, location. J.S. Held’s URL provides product safety and user experience (UX) research along the entire product lifecycle based on 50 years of human factors and failure analysis. Dr. Pauszek performs user research for industry-leading clients, including but not limited to healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers.

Key Expertise

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Consumer Decision-Making Analysis
  • Eye Tracking & Biometrics
  • Healthcare Research
  • Human Factors Analysis
  • Medical Device Testing
  • Risk Analysis & Communication
  • Safety & Effectiveness Analysis
  • Usability & User Experience Research

Professional Affiliations/Memberships/Licenses/Training

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Member
  • PLOS ONE, Reviewer
  • Psychological Research, Reviewer