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Chris Tooke joined J.S. Held in May of 2022 as part of J.S. Held's acquisition of GPW.

Chris brings experience managing projects on political and regulatory risks, government affairs, and integrity due diligence in the former Soviet and East European regions. Before joining J.S. Held he worked at The Economist Intelligence Unit, focusing on political and economic forecasts on post-Soviet countries.

Chris advises clients on political, regulatory, sanctions, and integrity risks, typically in relation to investments in Eurasia/Eastern Europe. His clients include banks, TMT, mining and oil & gas companies, and sovereign governments. He is currently managing a number of integrity due diligence assignments, and a retainer-based political risk project.

His recent work includes managing enhanced due diligence investigations for various international banks and private equity firms, advising numerous extractive companies on their joint ventures in the former Soviet Union, including on negotiations with the host government, resource nationalism, and the local regulatory environments, providing remedial sanctions advice in conjunction with outside counsel for a major US manufacturer facing compliance breaches in Russia, and advising oil and gas companies on developments in the Russian oil & gas sector, and on sanctions exposure.

Chris fluently speaks English, Russian, Czech, Greek, and Spanish. He holds a Ph.D. in Russian Literature from SSEES/UCL and a BA and a MA in Russian and East European Languages and Cultures from SSEES/UCL.

Chris was a contributor to J.S. Held's 2024 Global Risk Report.

Chris is often approached by the media to provide commentary on post-Soviet markets.

Key Expertise

  • Political Risk
  • Integrity Due Diligence
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Government Affairs
  • Sanctions Advisory

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