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Vision & Business Case for New Model of Care

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The Situation

One of the nation’s largest behavioral health companies was looking to re-envision how to deliver care to a specific population they served. Before building a new model of care or beginning fundraising to support the effort, we needed to develop a vision for what was possible and a business case for the new model of care.

How We Advised

J.S. Held experts embarked upon a six-month research and engagement effort to develop a vision and business case for a new comprehensive model of care for the targeted population. During this process, we reviewed the organization’s existing strategic plans, program volumes, staffing structures, and reimbursement models. We also interviewed nearly 150 individuals from the targeted population impacted by the disease, analyzed the care models of 40+ organizations, and reviewed industry research and published works from the field.

In the end, our experts developed a vision and business case for a new model of care for the targeted population that included a path to sustainability and scalability. The organization used the vision and business case to obtain a multi-million-dollar philanthropic gift to begin building the new model of care. Our experts remain engaged, helping the organization execute an 18-month operational plan for full care model development.

Key Contact

Magi Curtis
Executive Vice President
Healthcare Consulting
+1 615 626 0023
[email protected]

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