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The Situation

With the inception of LEEDs and fast track construction of new buildings and building additions, it is important to be aware of potential issues related to project management timing and schedules and new LEEDs materials that can have potentially negative impacts on indoor air quality and flooring integrity. An example of such an issue was a new three-story school building in Washington. Odor complaints were reported when the ventilation system was not running on 100% fresh air or when the system was shut down for maintenance. Complaints became more frequent over time until the building was evacuated and closed. There was no consistent pattern to the complaints, i.e., details such as the location, timing, or symptoms reported (headache, sore throat, fatigue, reproductive problems). A noticeable, irritating odor was observed to be stronger near some carpeting.

How We Advised

A cross disciplinary team including industrial hygienists (IH), materials scientists, chemists, toxicologists, architects, contractors, and suppliers was assembled to investigate and formulate a resolution. Air sampling was conducted by IH consultants, and toxicologists assessed the possible effects of the air quality findings. No obvious cause could be determined. Our Material Science group took a wholistic approach with an understanding of the construction materials, construction methods and conditions, and chemical constituents of relevant materials including the concrete substrate, additives, sealers, flooring materials, and mastics. The materials science laboratory investigation and analysis included off gassing experiments confirming the cause was degradation of the flooring materials from interactions between the concrete substrate and mobile plasticizers in the flooring materials. The degradation products were volatile alcohols that were determined to be offensive but not toxic. Remediation required removal of the resilient flooring and sealing of the concrete with a low vapor permeability epoxy coating to trap the malodorous gasses. We participated in the legal proceedings as experts and we were able to help the school district recover their costs to repair the school and relocate the student body.

LEEDs building materials combined with fast-track construction practices resulted in indoor air quality issues and flooring failures. Our investigation and resolution of air quality complaints associated with secondary emissions from flooring materials helped the school district recover their costs.

Key Contact

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Failure Analysis & Prevention
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