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IPRO to Reveal Migration

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The Situation

Effective data management is essential for organizations across all industries in a data-driven world. Our client utilized IPRO, a data management platform, for several years. While IPRO served them well in the past, our client increasingly encountered challenges. The existing architecture struggled to scale to the increasing volume of data, slowing the processing times and leading to operational inefficiencies. Our client required advanced analytics and AI-driven features to manage and derive meaningful insights from large data volumes, as much of it was unnecessary and could be purged. There was also a growing need to work with outside parties who required direct access to the platform or wanted to share the data set in more compatible formats.

How We Advised

Our team provided a detailed plan to address the challenges facing our client. In partnership, we initiated a comprehensive data migration project from IPRO to Reveal. We conducted an extensive inventory of all data and projects stored in IPRO to identify the types of data, project sizes, and the relevance of each dataset to various business aspects. We interviewed project stakeholders, department heads, IT professionals, and data experts to gather insights into their specific needs and expectations from the new platform.

Based on inventory and stakeholder feedback, our experts developed a detailed migration plan, including a timeline, data mapping, and strategies for minimizing downtime throughout migration. During the data inventory phase, we discovered a significant portion of hosted data that was redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT). The cleanup process involved identifying and purging unnecessary data, reducing the data footprint, saving costs, and organizing the new environment. With a well-defined plan, we began migrating from IPRO to Reveal. This involved extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) the data into the new platform while ensuring data integrity and security.

After completing the migration, we conducted thorough testing and verification to ensure the data transfer was successful and that the Reveal platform was fully operational. To maximize the benefits of the new platform, we organized training sessions for the client’s employees to familiarize them with Reveal’s features and functionalities. Training was provided for end users (reviewers), managers, and technical staff. Post-migration, our team continued to provide ongoing support as needed in the Reveal environment. The support included just-in-time (JIT) training for new projects and directly performing tasks in the client’s Reveal environment during the ramp-up.

The successful migration from IPRO to Reveal addressed inhibiting performance issues and feature limitations, leading to significant cost savings and improved data management efficiency. Our client is now better equipped to handle the growing volume of data while benefiting from Reveal’s advanced analytics and AI-driven features. This engagement highlights the importance of having a strategic data migration plan and involving key stakeholders throughout to attain the best results. Additionally, utilizing technical experts with experience on IPRO and Reveal platforms proved immensely helpful in facilitating the migration.

Key Contact

Mike Gaudet
Managing Director
Digital Investigations & Discovery
+1 346 509 5373
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