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BI Loss Due to Equipment Failure

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The Situation

During a test with the electric arc furnace, the high-temperature alarm was triggered, resulting in a complete shutdown due to the melting of key machinery. Once the damage was repaired after the first heating process of the restart of the furnaces, the plant lost power due to a fire because the switchgear failed to provide power to the refining furnace. The plant was shut down for 3 additional days, and partial operation resumed. The refining furnace returned to operation 9 days later.

How We Advised

This loss involved two separate claims with different causes. Therefore, we engaged local J.S. Held team members for their building consulting, equipment consulting, and fire origin and cause expertise to advise the insured and expedite the claims process.

The insured was unsure of the extent of the BI losses. However, following initial meetings and responses to our documentation requests, we prepared a model for reserve purposes based on our understanding of the plant’s nature and impact on normal operations. We prepared our initial reserve for insurers within weeks of being instructed of around $4.5M.

The loss was based on mitigating a loss of sales with third-party purchases of stock and increased costs of working when the plant was operational to make up the loss of production without impacting sales. To verify the loss, we reviewed the third-party purchases of finished goods. We deducted the normal cost of manufacturing the products with the additional freight and utilities usage due to operating the plant at higher than normal levels and efficiency losses while it was being repaired.

After further discussions with the insured, we understand they have adopted our reserve model and agreed with the methodology. We also understand that this calculation was included in the basis for settlement with losses totaling $4.1M.

Key Contact

Giles Archer, ACA
Vice President
Forensic Accounting - Insurance Services
+44 20 4576 0624
[email protected]

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