Yohanan Palmer, LLB

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Yohanan Palmer

Associate Director


Building No. 3, One Space Business Centre, Offices 43-50, 1st Floor, Green Community, Dubai Investment Park 1
Dubai, UAE

Yohanan Palmer is a law graduate with over a decade of experience in the construction industry. Palmer has worked in various sectors not limited to the construction industry and adapted his diverse skills into providing strategic solutions and advice for his clients.

As a professional with a legal background, Yohanan has extensive experience with various forms of contracts as well as bespoke contracts. He has worked on numerous projects, having established knowledge in pre and post-formalization of contracts, administration, management, and dispute resolution.

Yohanan’s working experience with one of Malaysia’s leading Government-Linked Corporations gave in in-depth knowledge on the administration and management of contractual matters pertaining to the initiation and completion of various projects; predominantly within the realm of problem-solving.

Yohanan’s core areas of expertise include commercial buildings including high-rise and retail developments, major infrastructure projects including treatment plants, energy developments, mass rapid transit rail systems, marine, and oil & gas.

Yohanan is well-versed in adjudication and arbitration proceedings and has prepared, reviewed, and advised throughout several projects. Recent successful assignments have involved contractual analysis, quantum analysis, and dispute management for resolution proceedings, as well as support for expert appointments.

Yohanan Palmer’s role as Associate Director primarily involves the preparation and/or defense of claims concerning delay and extension of time, prolongation, disruption, acceleration, insurance claims, and disputed variations as well as assisting named experts on quantum analysis reports.

Yohanan is also proficient with respect to providing strategic risk management advice during projects, eliminating, or reducing a client’s contractual risk at source.

Key Expertise

  • Commercial & Contract Advice
  • Contract Management
  • Report Drafting
  • Dispute Avoidance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Adjudication, Litigation & Arbitration
  • Negotiation Settlement
  • Risk Management
  • Claims Preparation & Defense
  • Intellectual Property

Professional Affiliations/Memberships/Licenses/Training

  • Member of Society of Construction Law Malaysia