Timothy L. Brown

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Timothy L. Brown is a mathematician with over 10 years of experience specializing in the forensic accounting aspects of Family Law, assisting experts on numerous high-net-worth cases and complex litigation disputes in Southern California.

He has over five years of experience assisting civil/sanitary engineers on projects such as sewer master plans and infiltration/inflow studies involving the monitoring, data collection and analysis of open channel flow—and is knowledgeable in the use of both Marsh-McBirney and Teledyne ISCO instrumentation.

Over the years, Mr. Brown has also been a lecturer in mathematics, teaching at various colleges and universities in several states, including California, New Mexico, and Oregon. As recently as the Spring of 2022, he was teaching College Algebra at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon.

Mr. Brown provides consulting services to law firms practicing Family Law within community property state jurisdictions, primarily in the State of California. He is involved in planning, organizing, conducting, and managing engagements.

Mr. Brown assists in case law application, preparation of questions for discovery and deposition, rebuttal of other expert witness testimony, and analysis and review of judgments. He prepares expert witnesses for settlement and trial and, in the past, has assisted in the training of staff accountants.

His casework typically consists of preparation of the marital balance sheet; analysis of separate property claims; direct tracing; credits, charges, and reimbursements; apportionment of defined contribution plans; characterization and allocation of assets and debts; accounting for the disposition of community funds both during marriage and post-separation; stock options analysis; analysis of income available for support; and business valuation.

Key Expertise

  • Family Law Services
  • Expert Witness Support
  • Marital Balance Sheet
  • Separate Property Tracing
  • CA E.C. §2640 Reimbursements
  • Apportionment of Stock Options and Defined Contribution Plans
  • Real Estate – Moore/Marsden Calculations
  • Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Post-Separation Accounting