Sean Bounds

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Sean Bounds specializes in accident reconstruction, human factors analysis, and manpower assessment. Sean has over 15 years of experience in aviation ground-based operations and has performed the investigation and analysis of employee injury accidents, premise accidents, and aircraft ground damage-related incidents. He is experienced in root cause incident investigation, accident causation analysis, policy and procedure review, and manpower and resource management. He is skilled in the investigation of accidents including the gathering and review of information, review of processes and procedures, and reconstruction of events.

In accident reconstruction matters, Sean specializes in forensic investigations and analysis, including onsite scene investigation, evidence collection, and preservation from vehicles and sites.

Key Expertise

  • Ground-based Aviation Support Incident Investigation
  • Vehicle Accident Investigation
  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Vehicle Event Data Retrieval
  • Human Factors Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Premise Liability
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Construction Site Accidents

Professional Licensure

  • FAA Certified UAS Commercial Remote Pilot [Airman Certificate # 4812296]
  • FCC General Radio, Telephone Operators License (Elements 1, 3, & 8):
  • Radar Endorsed [FRN 0021343413]