Ryan Gaudet

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Ryan Gaudet is a Senior Director based in New England with over 14 years of experience in technology consulting. His focus is e-discovery and data analytics including large data sets. Ryan is Brainspace certified and has expertise in using advanced analytics tools to understand large datasets.

Ryan has extensive experience in multiple e-Discovery platforms allowing him to support engagements using any data review software. This familiarity provides him the ability to migrate data seamlessly between multiple platforms while maintain data integrity.

His background on handling data and managing data review make him a trusted leader on a variety of technology consulting engagements. He has experience in developing and deploying ad-hoc solutions to fulfill non-standard project requirements. His strong SQL skills allow him to develop custom scripts to interrogate back-end databases.

Ryan also has experience in a variety of Crypto Currency matters. As a Certified Bitcoin professional, he has helped trace on-chain data. In addition, he has worked with crypto exchange data to analyze historic trading and deposit data to find trends for investigations.

Ryan works in the e-discovery team supporting various tools for data analysis, document review, and reporting. He supports processing and review of data in CS DISCO, Relativity, and Reveal.

Ryan works alongside the data analytics team to investigate and interpret structured data. He assists in creating expert reports complete with charts and analysis from complex datasets.

Key Expertise

  • Digital Forensics
  • E-Discovery
  • Data Analytics
  • Crypto Currency
  • Investigations
  • Litigation
  • Antitrust & Mergers
  • Fraud


  • Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

Insights by Ryan Gaudet

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