Raj Kulkarni

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Rajendra Kulkarni is a Mechanical Engineer with a career that has spanned more than 28 years in various manufacturing industries. His extensive experience over the years is specific to heading a continuous process industry as a plant manager and managing projects from green field to completion.

Raj has extensive experience in handling turnkey manufacturing projects and comprehensive knowledge of continuous process plant and operational troubleshooting. He also maintains expertise in working with different technologies to reduce project cost.

Raj has experience in: glass making, forging, and mechanical and electrical components used in industrial manufacturing. He has handled various ISO, OSHA, and safety and environmental related projects. He is adept at various design software used in industrial applications, and was involved in the design and construction of a green field project in India for a glass container manufacturing plant.

Raj is a trained ISO auditor and leader in Six Sigma projects and holds an OSHA 30 card. He was recently leading the restoration efforts of a large fire loss in a glass container plant and successfully brought the plant back on line in a short time frame.

He has been involved in various projects in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. Notable projects include the East Houston Medical Center.