Michele Ochoa

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Michele Ochoa is a Consultant in the Forensic Accounting and Economics group specializing in Family Law. Ms. Ochoa’s experience in forensic accounting includes analysis of income available for support, marital standard of living analysis, business valuations, tracing of separate and community property funds, apportionment of stock options, property apportionment analysis, and Moore/Marsden calculations.

Prior to entering forensic accounting, Ms. Ochoa worked as a General Ledger Accountant managing financial reports, preparation of financial statements, account reconciliation, analyzing budgets, and perform general accounting.

Michele Ochoa assists attorneys and clients through the litigation process by forming opinions and solutions to complex financial matters. Through the review of financial records and communicating with clients and their counsel, reports are prepared and submitted for use in settlement or trial.

Key Expertise

  • Analysis of Cash Flow
  • Marital Asset & Liability Allocation
  • Marital Standard of Living Analysis
  • Business Valuations
  • Tracing Analysis of Assets
  • Reimbursement Schedules
  • Stock Options & Deferred Compensation Analysis
  • Pereira Apportionment
  • Property Apportionment Analysis
  • Spousal & Child Support Analysis