Madison Greco

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Madison Greco joined J.S. Held in July of 2022 as part of J.S. Held's acquisition of Kodsi Forensic Engineering.

Madison Greco specializes in personal injuries, motor vehicle occupant biomechanics, and motor vehicle accident reconstructions. She is able to do speed calculations, analyze vehicle dynamics, assess avoidance potential, assess and analyze collision severities, and complete vehicle and scene examinations including site surveys.

Key Expertise

  • Personal Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Occupant Biomechanics
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Speed Calculations
  • Collision Severity Assessments
  • Collision Damage Consistency
  • Collision Avoidance Analysis
  • Vehicle Examinations
  • Crush Measurements
  • Scene Examinations & Site Surveys
  • Nighttime Visibility Assessments