Konstantin Grynin

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Konstantin Grynin is a Building Consultant based in Canada for J.S. Held, a respected construction consulting firm whose work typically includes inspection of damaged buildings, determination of means, methods, and costs of repair, estimating cost of work, monitoring job site progress, and determination of Actual Cash Value.

Konstantin started his career in renovation construction in 2007 advancing from an entry level position to a site supervisor role within three years. The next step in his career was project manager at one of the largest restoration companies in Canada where he was managing 2013 Alberta flood projects and later various restoration projects in Lower Mainland BC.

He continued his career in the building restoration industry in a capacity of building consultant in 2019 and has joined J.S. Held team in May of 2021.

Konstantin is a Building Consultant on residential and commercial water and fire damage projects. He also provides consulting, estimating, and provides onsite project monitoring to large complex insurance projects including malls, high-rise residential and office buildings, hospitals and hospitality industry buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, and commercial properties.