Kevin Mandemaker

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Kevin has five years of professional experience in industrial hygiene and environmental health and safety consultation.

His expertise includes industrial hygiene, OSHA compliance, NYS DOL compliance, NYC DEP compliance, and EPA compliance for asbestos and lead. He also has extensive experience in air monitoring for asbestos and performing asbestos bulk sampling inspections along with PCB bulk sampling inspections and lead-based paint bulk sampling inspections. In his role at J.S. Held, Kevin performs mold inspections and prepares asbestos bulk sampling reports, and mold remediation protocols for remediation contractors, as well as perform mold inspections after remediation to verify the work. He has experience in ambient air quality monitoring for silica, dust, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and compliance with the EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM-10 respirable dust and visible emissions.

Kevin has experience in testing for combustion-by-products such as soot, char, and ash. Kevin’s experiences in site health and safety supervision, including the proper use of personal protective equipment and personal hygiene/work practices allow him to accurately and effectively produce quality work products to clientele. Kevin also has the ability to interpret and analyze laboratory data in order to prepare a detailed report for clients.

Kevin has been one of the field personnel assigned to the port authority redevelopment projects at two major metropolitan airports where he helps run the Community Air Monitoring Programs which consist of staging and operating the real-time aerosol monitors for PM-2.5 particulates, data logging, collection and reporting of the daily air monitoring data and coordinating field operations with the contractors working on the respective projects.

J.S. Held is recognized as an ENR Top 200 Environmental Consulting Firm and industry leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant for Sustainability & ESG Consulting.