Jose Sobrini

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José Sobrini specializes in quantum and technical analysis of disputes in the engineering and construction industries. He has extensive international experience as a construction manager and has also performed works as Technical Office Engineer and Tendering Engineer.

As a Construction Manager, Jose has been responsible for the execution of various highways, bridges, and other structures such as water reservoirs, river weirs, reinforced concrete walls, and other facilities.

Jose has been responsible for the execution of urban works such as installing drainage and lighting systems, street construction, urban parks, etc.

As a Tendering Engineer, José has been responsible for preparing tenders for Hydroelectric EPC projects in Perú, for various highways in Spain and Chile, and for urban projects in Spain.

As a Claim Manager, José has been responsible for leading a multidisciplinary team of engineers, surveyors, and lawyers to prepare the necessary documentation to submit the statement of defense, on behalf of the contractor firm.

As a Technical Office Engineer, José has been responsible for various Hydroelectrical EPC projects of construction planning, reduction of the project’s budget by optimizing the engineering design, planning and coordination of geological explorations and topographic surveys, and meetings with international suppliers of turbines, raising boring and mining equipment, penstock, formworks, etc. to discuss technical solutions.

At J.S. Held Jose takes part in the preparation of expert reports for arbitration, claim preparation, and claims review, including technical disputes, disruption, and prolongation costs.

Key Expertise

  • Construction Claims (Prolongation, Disruption, Termination & Acceleration)
  • Disputed Variation Claims
  • Quantum Expert
  • Contract Administration
  • Civil Engineering