Johnny McElreath, PE, SE

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Johnny McElreath

Professional Engineer


+1 470 444 4342 (Office)
55 Roswell Street, Suite 300
Alpharetta, GA 30009

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Mr. McElreath is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 18 years of civil/structural engineering experience in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction industry with progressively responsible positions in technical design, project management and forensic investigations. He possesses comprehensive knowledge in technical design standards for all commonly used building materials, construction processes and all current building codes. In his career, Mr. McElreath has performed the structural design for building structures ranging across many sectors including education, religious, retail, hospitality, industrial, office and mixed-use. In the field of forensics, he has conducted civil/structural field investigations to determine cause/origin and/or extent of damage to buildings and other structures related to impacts, collapses, storms, fires, floods, winds, moisture intrusion and wall failures.

Mr. McElreath conducts various civil/structural forensic investigations related to buildings and other structures to determine cause/origin of damage, evaluate extent of damage, and/or recommend conceptual repair methods. Some of the investigations he has been involved with include hail/wind investigations, tree/vehicle impacts, moisture intrusion, roof/roof covering installation deficiencies, collapse, storm damage, Hurricane/CAT response, site/basement walls, and foundation settlement.

Professional Licensure:

PE 36474 / AL [State of Alabama Professional Engineering License]

PE 035672 / GA [State of Georgia Professional Engineering License]

SE 000086 / GA [State of Georgia Structural Engineering License]

PE 044817 / NC [State of North Carolina Professional Engineering License]

PE 34159 / SC [State of South Carolina Professional Engineering License]

PE 94370 / FL [State of Florida Professional Engineering License]

PE 145973 / TX [State of Texas Professional Engineering License]