Jeffrey Dyer, PE, SE

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Jeffrey Dyer

Seismic Team Lead


+1 949 417 2690 (Office)
+1 949 531 0819 (Mobile)
1375 Dove Street 2nd Floor, Suite 250
Newport Beach, CA 92660

For current engineering licensure info, click here.

Mr. Dyer has over forty-five (45) years of experience in multiple areas of structural engineering, including construction management, due diligence, new/remodel structural design, real estate transactions/insurance, seismic risk and retrofit, and structural design and code compliance review. He is experienced with all phases of design from preliminary conceptual and schematic design through construction documents, specifications, and administration.

He is experienced with the structural engineering and design for many facility types including automobile dealerships, business parks, churches, industrial facilities, institutional facilities, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, parking structures, recreational facilities, research & technological facilities, residential structures, retail shopping centers/malls, schools, warehouses, and water/wastewater facilities.

Mr. Dyer has also offered Earthquake Disaster Preparedness consulting services to several of our clients. Services include a presentation, an information booklet with example photographs of instances of damage to specific construction types a post-earthquake inspection checklist, and a checklist containing the items that should be on hand prior to any seismic event.

Professional Licensure:

  • PE 190542 / AK [State of Alaska Civil Engineer License]
  • SE 20864 / AZ [State of Arizona Engineer License]
  • PE 32975 / CA [State of California Civil Engineer License]
  • SE 2774 / CA [State of California Structural Engineer License]
  • PE 22348 / CO [State of Colorado Engineer License]
  • PE 9885 / HI [State of Hawaii Professional Engineer License]
  • SE 9516 / ID [State of Idaho Civil/Structural Engineer License]
  • PE 13850 / MD [State of Maryland Professional Engineer License]
  • PE 0261561 / MO [State of Missouri Professional Engineer License]
  • SE10408 / NV [State of Nevada Structural Engineer License]
  • PE 14669 / NM [State of New Mexico Professional Engineer License]
  • PE 15725PE / OR [State of Oregon Professional Engineer License]
  • PE 87976 / TX [State of Texas Professional Engineer License]
  • PE 6317128-2202 / UT [State of Utah Professional Engineer License]
  • SE 32933 / WA [State of Washington Civil/Structural Engineer License]

Professional Registration:

  • NCEES 6672 [National Engineering Registration]

Insights by Jeffrey Dyer

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