Jacob Menges

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Jacob Menges has an extensive background in customer relations management and automotive service/sales for nearly ten years while achieving a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Using his work experience and educational background in mechanical engineering to apply forensic evaluation to the accident reconstruction field. Jacob is skilled in scientific models and diagrams for accident reconstruction, failure analysis, video analysis, scene investigation, evidence preservation, and 3D laser mapping for use in scientific models and diagrams. Jacob assists in the investigation and reconstruction of complex crashes and large loss events with a systematic and organized approach.

Jacob Menges is a mechanical engineer consulting in vehicle accident reconstruction in matters associated with passenger and commercial vehicles, non-motorist collisions, failure analysis, vehicle dynamics and other large loss events. Jacob has extensive involvement in CAD modeling with 2D and 3D visual representations as well as video analysis.

Professional Licensure/Certifications/Training

  • Solid Works CSWA, 2021
  • Advanced Crash Reconstruction Utilizing Human Factors Research, Crash Safety Solutions, 2021
  • Traffic Crash Investigation I & II, Northwestern University, 2022
  • FAA Certified UAS Commercial Pilot, 2022