Herb Hewitt, ACTAR

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Mr. Hewitt has investigated, documented, and under the supervision of a Professional Engineer reconstructed dozens of accidents involving cars, tractor-trailers, heavy trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, and more. In addition, he has taken numerous courses specific to accident reconstruction.

Herb Hewitt is an expert in matters associated with pedestrian, commercial, and passenger vehicle accidents.

Mr. Hewitt also has eight years of experience in the aerospace industry. He has performed failure analysis, structural analysis, product improvement tasks, and cost reduction tasks while leading design and manufacturing teams. Mr. Hewitt has worked on a variety of aerospace components, mainly focusing on the mechanical systems and external components of military and commercial aircraft power systems.

Key Expertise

  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Passenger Vehicle Accidents
  • Heavy Truck Accidents
  • Scene Investigation
  • Evidence Collection & Processing
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Aerial Photography

Professional Registration:

  • #3561 ACTAR Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
  • Crash Data Retrieval System Technician, Institute of Police Technology and Management
  • FAA Certified UAS Commercial Pilot