Cole Kartman

J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Cole Kartman has more than five years of experience providing clients with consulting services involving litigation-related and valuation engagements. His experience includes patent infringement, trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, and business and intellectual property valuation. Cole is experienced in identifying and analyzing the financial, economic, and business factors related to economic damages and intellectual property valuation. Mr. Kartman’s background in finance and economics gives him a thorough understanding of the financial and economic facets of valuing intellectual property.

Cole Kartman is a Vice President within the Economic Damages & Valuations practice of J.S. Held, a global consulting firm that provides specialized technical, scientific, financial, and advisory services. J.S. Held is highly regarded for their forensic accounting, economic, valuation, and expert consulting services.