Christopher Herron

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Chris L. Herron has over 18 years of experience in the construction industry, with a proven track record for accuracy, efficiency, and successful project management. Chris has been involved in some of the largest privately-funded construction projects in U.S. History. These projects include the multi-billion-dollar Echelon Resorts and Fountain Bleu Mega-Resorts in Las Vegas Nevada. Chris has extensive experience as a Project Manager in all phases of construction, from pre-construction & design services to project closeout. Chris has expertise in specification writing, bid administration, project management, estimating, and cost controls. Chris also has experience in scheduling services, having completed both standard and advanced P6 certification courses. Chris has created and implemented schedules on a variety of projects.

Chris has extensive experience in Construction Project Management, specializing in project administration, buyouts, and cost controls. Chris has been responsible for the creation and implementation of protocols for cost controls on multi-billion-dollar projects.

Chris’ experience with Surety work includes all aspects of performance for defaulted contractors. This includes pre-default assessments and consulting, project status assessments, cost-to-complete estimates, rebid/award for completion contracts, and project management throughout completion. Chris also has experience in the preparation and independent review of claims for both the principal and obligees. As part of the McKeesport Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade project, Chris prepared and submitted over 250 claims for additional work, valued at approximately $1,500,000, and a $3,000,000 claim for delays and extended overhead.

Chris also has experience in post-disaster services. Chris assisted MGM in funds recovery and reconstruction for a $500,000,000 loss after Hurricane Katrina affected the Beau Rivage Resorts in Biloxi, Mississippi. In addition to Chris’ typical Project Management duties during the reconstruction phase, he also performed estimating/analyses services in order to justify construction costs inflation from a smaller loss at this property which occurred 5 years earlier. Chris’ analyses and reports on the annual inflation of construction costs assisted in the recoupment of funds from the insurance carrier.

Chris’ post-disaster services experience extends to the more recent Super-Storm Sandy, where he assisted municipalities in Long Island and Long Beach, NY in assessing damage to various assets and structures. Chris also provided estimating/scheduling services for the reconstruction work and assisted in the recoupment of funds from Insurance Carriers and FEMA.

Key Expertise

  • Surety Performance/Payment Claim Analysis
  • Cost to Complete Estimating
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Change Order Evaluation
  • Claim Preparation & Analysis
  • Bid Preparation & Analysis
  • Project Management

Insights by Christopher Herron

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