Brian Johnson

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Brian Johnson has over two years of experience in environmental remediation and consulting. His expertise includes NJDEP environmental regulatory requirements and submissions, extensive PCB and EPH-related remediation projects, emergency response services, soil and groundwater investigations and sampling, customer and client relations, well installations, and data evaluation. He also has experience conducting vapor intrusion investigations, working on due diligence projects and inspections, ecological sampling and evaluations, insurance oversight, linear construction, and ISRA requirements.

Brian has worked on industrial, commercial, and residential sites ranging from large industrial multi-tenant property-wide evaluations and operational electrical substations to residential UST removal. During his experience as an environmental scientist, Brian has worked under an LSRP for many projects to develop a scope of work, characterize the site, conduct necessary sampling, interpret the sampling results, and generate deliverables to the client and state. Brian has worked within a team to provide emergency environmental remediation services to a New Jersey-based electric and gas utility. This dynamic role has allowed him to oversee and direct both large and small remediation projects across the state.

J.S. Held is recognized as an ENR Top 200 Environmental Consulting Firm and industry leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant for Sustainability & ESG Consulting.