A.J. Werth

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Arthur Werth has more than 25 years of diversified experience in all facets of the general construction industry, including a solid background in mechanical equipment and piping systems. Arthur has had extensive involvement with cost estimating, project management, claims, scheduling and contractual negotiations of numerous projects including HVAC and plumbing installations, high rise fire protection systems, conveyor system construction, bridges, roofing applications, electrical installations, and overall general building construction, including site and utility improvements. He provides construction expertise to those insurance companies engaged in the surety (payment and performance) bond and liability industry.

As a Senior Consultant, Arthur works with contract surety claims and his projects include performance and payment bond claim analysis, project status and cost-to-complete evaluation, project monitoring, project re-let and support, construction bid evaluation, trust account administration, project management and CPM scheduling. As a construction claim consultant, his responsibilities include preparation of affirmative claims, quantification of damages, litigation support and provision of expert testimony.