Wade Sticht, PE

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Wade Sticht specializes in forensic structural and civil engineering investigations, construction defect evaluations, building envelope and moisture intrusion problems, and wind, hail, hurricane, and earthquake damage evaluations. He has performed several hundred investigations for insurance companies, attorneys, and property owners.

As a licensed professional engineer, Mr. Sticht has experience with wood, masonry, concrete, and steel design, including single and multi-family residential, light, commercial, and low-rise steel-framed buildings, precast concrete parking structures, retaining walls, and similar structures.

Mr. Sticht has trained and mentored his colleagues as a senior engineer for several years. He has educated others on conducting site examinations, photographing site conditions with specialized equipment, and creating thorough and accurate expert reports. He has peer-reviewed expert reports and technical articles and published articles individually and through collaboration. He has developed plans to provide timely and expert responses to catastrophes. Mr. Sticht has developed materials and presentations to provide training on technical issues related to civil engineering, structural engineering, building envelope problems, construction defects, and storm-related damages.

Mr. Sticht is the West Regional Lead for the Forensic Architecture & Engineering-Property Group. This entails technical and administrative leadership and day-to-day, ground-level operations in the US's 13 Western and Pacific states. The Property Group specializes in structural engineering, building defects, failures, and collapse, building code compliance, building envelope and roofing, and forensic architecture.

Professional Registrations:

  • NCEES 18-469-84 [National Engineering Registration]
  • PE 40233 / AL [State of Alabama Engineering License]
  • PE 51594 / AZ [State of Arizona Engineering License]
  • C70481 / CA [State of California Engineering License]
  • 48116 / CO [State of Colorado Engineering License]
  • PE 76403 / FL [State of Florida Engineering License]
  • PE 047043 / GA [State of Georgia Engineering License]
  • 15643 / ID [State of Idaho Engineering License]
  • 062065782 / IL [State of Illinois Engineering License]
  • PE 45161 / LA [State of Louisiana Engineering License]
  • PE 31855 / MS [State of Mississippi Engineering License]
  • E15225 / NE [State of Nebraska Engineering License]
  • PE 28708 / NV [State of Nevada Engineering License]
  • PE 27607 / NM [State of New Mexico Engineering License]
  • PE 52115 / NC [State of North Carolina Engineering License]
  • 82192PE / OR [State of Oregon Engineering License]
  • PE 39035 / SC [State of South Carolina Engineering License]
  • 99795 / TX [State of Texas Engineering License]
  • 5569573-2202 / UT [State of Utah Engineering License]
  • 45110 / WA [State of Washington Engineering License]
  • 14332 / WY [State of Wyoming Engineering License]

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