Property & Infrastructure Damage

Mitigation & Remediation Monitoring

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J.S. Held restoration consultants are relied upon to ensure effective and efficient remediation of building components.

We serve as the "eyes and ears" of our clients to keep them informed on the progression and budgetary status of the project.

Our Services
  • Cost Analysis Between Drying & Replacement of Building Materials
  • Inspect & Verify Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Usage
  • Inspect Containment to Verify Proper Construction
  • Labor Rate Cost Comparisons
  • Obtain Daily Temperature & Humidity Readings
  • Prepare Psychometric Charting
  • Prepare Spreadsheet Comparison of Specific Humidity Readings
  • Review Billing Invoice for Accuracy & Effectiveness of Dry Down
  • Review Daily Monitoring Reports from Drying Contractor
  • Verify Dehumidification Calculations for A Balanced Drying System
  • Verify Equipment Count & Layout Against Industry Standards (S-500)
  • Verify Negative Air Placed Per Hygienist Protocol & Standards

When monitoring restoration efforts, our team collects regular temperature and relative humidity readings to determine specific humidity of the site.

A comparison can be drawn between the specific humidity of the exterior air, ambient interior air of the affected area, ambient interior air of the unaffected area, dehumidifier exhaust air, and the HVAC system to verify if a balanced drying system is in place and if effective drying is occurring.

In addition to the oversight of structural drying, we also document labor and materials daily, which serves as a point of reference when reviewing contractor invoices for fair and accurate billing following the completion of the project.

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