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Our SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) professionals take to the ropes to provide a hands-on, in-depth analysis when other methods of access fall short.

Costly and time-consuming traditional methods of access such as manlifts, scaffolding, and swing stages are often deemed the only way to provide hands-on access to hard to reach places.

When clients are faced with the challenge of difficult access, our on-rope engineers, architects, and building consultants offer fast and effective solutions.

  • Curtain Wall Analysis
  • Difficult to Access Sites - Bridges, Towers, High-Rise Buildings, Monuments & Stadiums
  • Façade Evaluations
  • Falling Debris Hazard Assessments
  • Hail & Wind Damage Assessments
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Roof Damage Evaluations
  • Structural Evaluations
  • Underwriting Assistance
  • Water Intrusion Assessments
Effective Evaluations

It is imperative that a qualified technical professional gain access to key locations to perform their evaluation. High-resolution photographs and video documentation are great, but there are instances when a technical professional is required to get hands-on in the assessment of the materials in question.

Efficient Evaluations

Set up and tear down is so quick that a team of two can perform a hands-on evaluation of one façade of a 20-story high-rise in one day. Conversely, if there is a need to have non-destructive testing performed at a singular location, that same team could be in and out in less time than any other method.

Cost Savings

Due to the ease of deployment in tandem with the speed and precision with which a rope access technician can work, cost savings are a given. When faced with associated costs for renting manlifts, deploying swing stages, or constructing scaffolding, choosing rope access becomes the obvious solution.

Improved Safety

SPRAT is a governing body that is dedicated to promoting the safe development of industrial rope access standards. Rope-access technicians certified with SPRAT hold an unparalleled safety record, and rope access is statistically the safest way to carry out work at height.

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