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VelocityEHS is a new kind of ESG | EHS software company, helping clients reach their environmental, social, and governance goals faster.

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More About VelocityEHS

The VelocityEHS platform delivers simple and intuitive solutions that are more affordable, faster to implement, and that provide the best user experience. Backed by unparalleled customer support, their well-designed solutions engage end users, making it easier for clients to collect quality data, manage risks, and focus on being an ESG | EHS leader.

Trusted by more than 19,000 customers and millions of users from every industry to help improve performance, VelocityEHS is among the largest and fastest growing ESG | EHS companies in the world.

J.S. Held assists with a wide range of services related to VelocityEHS, including comprehensive training and custom support.

The Benefits of VelocityEHS System Implementation with J.S. Held

The J.S. Held team brings decades of combined IT and EHS expertise. As a VelocityEHS partner, we’ve helped numerous businesses around the world utilize this unique platform.

  • Improved ROI and Time-to-Value
    Our experienced VelocityEHS consultants help implement the platform quickly and cost-effectively in order to deliver a greater return on your software investment.
  • Increased Adoption
    By integrating VelocityEHS into your existing business processes, we help to ensure that your employees will continue to use the platform on a regular basis.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    We help streamline processes by fully integrating VelocityEHS into your organization’s existing workflows. We also leverage our extensive experience in Process Optimization to help further drive productivity with the VelocityEHS platform.
  • Reduced Risk
    We help to ensure that VelocityEHS is fully integrated into your business to avoid compliance issues, process inefficiencies, and software redundancies.
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • System Selection
  • Technology Implementation
  • Change Management & Culture
  • Managed Services, Training & Support
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