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Intelex EHS & Quality Management Software

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Intelex is one of the world’s leading Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Quality Management software solutions.

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More About Intelex

With nearly two million users worldwide, the Intelex platform allows organizations to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace while minimizing their negative social, environmental, and human impacts.

Intelex does this through a range of cutting-edge web and mobile applications that streamline and simplify environmental, safety, and quality management, helping companies to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve performance.

While Intelex is incredibly powerful, the reality is that many organizations often struggle to properly implement and utilize the software, leading to a limited ROI on the platform and poor user adoption within an organization.

J.S. Held assists with a wide range of services related to Intelex, including comprehensive training and custom support.

The Benefits of Intelex System Implementation with J.S. Held

The J.S. Held team brings decades of combined IT and EHS expertise. As an Intelex partner, we’ve helped numerous businesses around the world utilize this unique platform.

  • Improved ROI and Time-to-Value
    Our experienced Intelex consultants help implement the platform quickly and cost-effectively in order to deliver a greater return on your software investment.
  • Increased Adoption
    By integrating Intelex into your existing business processes, we help to ensure that your employees will continue to use the platform on a regular basis.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    We help streamline processes by fully integrating Intelex into your organization’s existing workflows. We also leverage our extensive experience in Process Optimization to help further drive productivity with the Intelex platform.
  • Reduced Risk
    We help to ensure that Intelex is fully integrated into your business and assist in avoiding compliance issues, process inefficiencies, and software redundancies.
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • System Selection
  • Technology Implementation
  • Change Management & Culture
  • Managed Services, Training & Support
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