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Ocean Tomo, a part of J.S. Held, has pioneered the live auction of high-value, market-ready intellectual property (IP) portfolios to a network of engaged buyers present in person and via telepresence remote access.

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Our live, multi-lot auctions are a forum of commerce facilitating the exchange of intellectual property among a wide variety of market participants. The auction format brings urgency and closure to IP transactions, creating both liquidity for IP owners and transparency for the market overall.

Live Auctions

Our Live Intellectual Property Auctions practice sources and selects high-value, market-ready IP portfolios and presents them to a network of engaged buyers via telepresence remote access in a live open-cry auction format, where one or more of the following criteria are important:

  • Small to mid-sized portfolios worth up to $10 million or more
  • Seminal & current IP; documented or obvious value
  • Few, if any, encumbrances on the IP
  • Clear & relevant value to multiple buyers
Private Auctions

Our Private Auctions practice combines the rigor of Private Sales with the competitive bidding inherent in a real-time auction. Private Auctions bring together a measured number of “finalist bidders” for meetings with the seller and then concludes in a definitive sale through proven auction methods such as round-robin bidding. Private Auctions are used when one or more of the following criteria are important:

  • Significant expected value of between $2.5 and $50 million or more
  • In depth diligence requiring substantial knowledge transfer
  • A more discrete sale process than a live public auction
  • A limited universe of likely interested buyers

Our focus on quality and market-ready IP portfolios combined with our trusted industry reputation translates into buyers taking the opportunities we present very seriously. Our team has significant experience in evidence-of-use (EOU) review. Our professionals administer independent IP review to develop EOU for patents through its consulting network, unique crowd sourcing program, and high caliber legal partners.

Technologies for Auction

Our team is actively seeking patents and other intangible assets in the following technology areas:

  • AR / VR
  • Internet of Things
  • Autonomous Vehicle
  • Media
  • Data Center
  • Semiconductor
  • Display
  • Telecommunications

Technologies related to consumer electronics including battery technology, power management, and components such as microphones and sensors are also sought for the Auction.

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