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Our Private Acquisition team at Ocean Tomo, a part of J.S. Held, works with clients to make targeted buys of quality, hard-to-access intellectual property (IP) portfolios.

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Our team is positioned to source IP that is technically, legally, and commercially sound by leveraging our transaction experience to our work with companies, universities, and labs on a broad range of critical IP-related needs. We sift through the massive IP landscape to locate, diligence, negotiate, and present our clients with attractive IP acquisition opportunities.

Our Subject Matter Experts
  • Accredited Business Valuation Experts
  • Certified Licensing Professionals
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Economists
  • Intellectual Property Valuation Experts
  • Testifying Experts
Our Clients
  • Boards of Directors
  • C-Suite Executives (CEO, CIPO, CTO)
  • Fortune 1000 Companies
  • General Counsel
  • Inventors
  • Laboratories
  • Licensing Managers
  • Small & Middle Market Companies
  • Public Companies
  • Start-Ups
  • University Technology Managers
  • Venture Capitalists
Ocean Tomo Private Acquisitions

Our Private Acquisitions team works with clients to make targeted buys of IP portfolios where one or more of the following criteria are important:

  • Buying program is $10 million or more
  • Anonymity of buyer
  • Liability reduction or new technology acquisition
  • Seminal IP at attractive prices

We offer an industry-leading understanding of intellectual property that enables clients to build their ideal IP portfolios and spend less time reviewing sub-par portfolio alternatives. If desired, our team can leverage our vast consulting and legal network and unique crowd sourcing program to develop and vet evidence of use. On a highly selective basis, we can provide an exclusive “first-offer” on qualified IP in well-defined technology areas, which places clients in the middle of Ocean Tomo’s extensive deal flow.

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