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Virtual CISO Services (vCISO)

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Our CISO on Demand solutions offer clients CISO services on an as-needed basis.

With us, you get a team of security experts who support you with everything from strategic planning and the management of daily support services to maturing security posture or responding to an information security crisis.

Our solutions are industry agnostic and tailored around business size, needs, and regulatory requirements. We have senior information security professionals who understand how to balance system integrity, confidentiality, and availability in line with business priorities.

Our vCISO services are designed to provide you with a team of experienced security experts that can be plugged into an organization’s current operations as an extension of security staff or brought on to establish and build out a security team when in-house resources are not already available.

Our Services
  • Creating or Updating IT Security Policies
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Development, Implementation, and/or Enhancement of Security Programs
  • Extension of Staff / Managed Services for Daily Operational Support
  • Improving Compliance Posture to Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Information Security Strategy Development
  • Interim Coverage During Staff Turnover / Build Out
  • Managing an Information Security Crisis
  • Managing IT Risk Against Business Goals
  • Maturing Business Security Posture
  • Project Management for New Security Projects
  • Providing Regular Stakeholder-Ready Reports
The Benefits of a CISO On Demand

Retain CISO experts on an as-needed basis – whether to cover for an interim CISO appointment, understand your current security maturity and enhancements needed, or to complete specific projects.

As trusted CISO advisors, we deliver the following:

  • Accessibility — direct contact with the experts supporting your business.
  • Experts in meeting the privacy regulations of GDPR, CPRA, and various state privacy laws.
  • Experts in regulatory compliance such as SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and ISO.
  • Flexibility in choosing the services and engagement frequencies your business needs.
  • Fully independent and expert advice.
  • Industry expertise across many types and sizes of businesses.
  • Industry-certified experts, including CISSP, CISM, CISA, CCISO, CIPM, and GIAC.
  • More affordability and quicker acquisition than an in-house hire.
  • No training investment — vCISOs have the experience to make an immediate impact.
  • Realtime solutions that meet the unique needs of your business – your satisfaction and security is our top priority.
  • Specialists in customizable security assessment services for financial, industrial, and corporate environments.
  • World-class information security consultancy.
How Our vCISOs Work with In-House IT Teams

Our virtual CISO services complement existing IT teams in numerous ways:

  • We help manage in-house IT security staff: our vCISOs have the supervisory experience to coach existing IT security personnel.
  • We share our knowledge: as top-level information security experts, our vCISOs provide in-depth industry experience and educational training to support the learning and development of in-house IT teams.
  • We help in-house IT teams with their workload: modern IT security staff often find themselves overwhelmed. Our vCISOs help support in-house or fractional CISOs on demand.
Do You Need a Fractional CISO?

Some companies use the terms fractional CISO and virtual CISO interchangeably. At J.S. Held, we know there’s a distinct difference between the two.

Fractional CISO services are generally on-site and provided by a part-time CISO. This person may also handle other IT responsibilities for the organization or even work part-time for another company. Conversely, vCISO services come from an outsourced team of cybersecurity professionals and are not organizational employees.

While a fractional CISO may be a workable solution for some companies, these CISOs are devoting time to other responsibilities. Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from the affordability and flexibility of a vCISO with a singular focus — their information security.

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