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Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration testing services are tailored to the unique technological, financial, regulatory, and operating environments of public and private entities.

We pride ourselves on being vendor agnostic. It means that we can offer the best recommendations. That’s one of the reasons why Fortune Global 500 companies have us pen test their systems.

We help organizations identify vulnerabilities, isolate and strengthen weak security, prevent data loss and theft, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our commitment is to get clients actionable results fast with little to no disruption to day-to-day operations.

Our Services
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Security Testing
  • Insider Threat Assessments
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing – Internal & External
  • Penetration Testing for Compliance
  • Providing Regular Stakeholder-Ready Reports
  • Red Team Services
How We Work

We employ the world’s best and most certified white-hat hackers to uncover vulnerabilities, regulatory noncompliance, and internal threats in IT security.


  • Understand and prioritize your concerns and penetration test goals (e.g., compliance, vulnerability, internal threat, etc.).
  • Agree on penetration test approach and timing.
  • Assign cyber security penetration test expert best suited for the assignment.
  • Perform the penetration tests to uncover weaknesses in cyber defenses.
  • Provide a stakeholder-ready report with a detailed analysis of your cyber security posture.
Penetration Testing for Compliance

We have a tried-and-tested approach to penetration testing. The foundation of our approach is built on reconnaissance. A solid recon effort is key to any engagement, and we focus on target identification, foot printing, and server and service vulnerability identification.

In addition to penetration testing to meet compliance requirements, we deliver a full range of compliance consulting services, including assessment, remediation, implementation, certification, and education services.

Application Penetration Testing

The focus of our application penetration test is to dive into specific applications (such as a web application) and assess how well it can defend itself against various real-world cyber attacks.

This service complements external and internal penetration tests and is recommended when a deeper, application-specific security assessment is required.

Once the analysis has been completed, we deliver a stakeholder-ready report with the findings from the application penetration test, as well as expert recommendations to address weaknesses.

Network Penetration Testing – Internal & External

Our internal penetration testing services deep dive into your internal network(s), mapping out access rights and uncovering hidden weaknesses in the system. The purpose of this test is to ensure that an employee’s mistake or malicious act does not damage the confidentiality and integrity of your systems.

For our external penetration tests, we use the same tools and methodologies employed by real-world threat actors. Our aim is to gain unauthorized access to the sensitive information of employees, customers, partners, or the organization.

Once our analysis is complete, we deliver a stakeholder-ready report with the findings from the penetration test, as well as expert recommendations to address weaknesses in internal and/or external security posture.

Internet of Things (IoT) Penetration Testing

We leverage our comprehensive IoT testing methodology, based on OWASP, to fully audit the security posture of any IoT device. When testing IoT devices, we take on the role of bad actors and attempt to subvert the security controls used by the manufacturer. We focus on identifying vulnerabilities threatening the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the IoT device.

When performing an IoT penetration test, we look at the four possible attack vectors that a bad actor would be targeting:

  • Attacks against the device
  • Attacks against the network
  • Attacks against the server(s)
  • Attacks against the wireless communication

Each of these attack vectors is explored to ensure proper security controls are in place to detect, mitigate, and properly audit access. Any one of these attack vectors could allow the leakage or alteration of confidential information.

Blockchain Security Testing

We test blockchain security before companies invest time and resources in developing or implementing blockchain systems.

Our blockchain security tests are designed to evaluate every aspect of the blockchain from policies and system design through the security of the blockchain itself to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the entire blockchain.

Red Team Services

The purpose of our Red Team services is to provide our clients with a real-time assessment of their security posture, alerting them to any newly discovered weaknesses and advising them on how best to remediate those issues.

Our Red Team services help improve the overall readiness of an organization, provide remediation recommendations to defensive practitioners, inspect current performance levels, and measure a company’s security controls over a longer duration than a typical penetration test. By combining several of our services into our Red Team offering, we provide the most comprehensive solution to improving overall security posture.

Insider Threat Assessments

Our insider threat assessments address threats posed by trusted individuals and assets. Whether it’s a rogue employee, a nefarious contractor, or an honest user who has fallen prey to a sophisticated phishing or malware attacks, this service looks at weaknesses and malicious opportunity from the perspective of a user who already has access within the environment.

Insider threat assessments are designed to test security controls already in place, to test the rigor of security configurations, identify areas of lax access controls, and to test the defensive mechanisms in place to spot and respond to abuses.

As part of our insider threat assessment, we will:

  • Attempt to gain local access to the corporate provided device
  • Attempt to identify sensitive data within data repositories that should be protected
  • Attempt to exfiltrate data
  • Attempt to bypass security controls using unauthorized VPNs, reconfiguration of security controls, or any other means available to the user
  • Attempt to deploy offensive security tools without detection
  • Assess the risk and impact of a limited-access employee’s access to sensitive data, critical assets, and the greater IT infrastructure as a whole

Assume the same level of access as provided to third-party vendors to attempt to bypass security controls with the provided connectivity and simulate a malicious third party or compromised vendor

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